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By combining Clifton Strengths™ and Emotional Intelligence, you will increase your self-awareness and self-management skills. That deeper awareness paves the way to improving your interactions with others, no matter the situation or environment.

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Our programs help you discover the information you need to manage your teams better and honor those individuals for the unique contributions they can bring to the table. This paves the way to create a brighter path for your entire organization.


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Focused Training:

Disengaged workers drain a company, creating low morale and lack of productivity. Both affect a company’s bottom line.

Workshops are customized to the specific issues a company wants to address. Whether it is improving engagement and retention, improving team dynamics, or increasing managerial skills, participants learn to recognize and appreciate their unique contribution to their company and team.

They learn how to work together to improve both personal performance and team dynamics.

When team members feel appreciated and are recognized for their contribution, it leads to increased engagement, retention, improved team dynamics, and overall well-being.

Clifton Strengths™ is a tool that provides a common language to use during discussions. Finger pointing and judgmental attitudes are taken out of the picture. Since every individual has all 34 talents, just in differing ratios, it lends itself to equality, thus enhancing efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. When this tool is used, it allows individuals to work together through issues without judgment.

When you're able to identify what each individual in your organization does best, it unlocks a huge amount of potential for all involved.

We customize our coaching and training to meet your specific needs. If your goal is to create a workplace or environment where others are empowered to contribute in their unique, best way, we can help.

When individuals feel appreciated, they want to do their best. The natural by-product of this feeling is that they deliver on promises to not only your customers, but others they interact with. A more harmonious environment is the result.

The goal is to free individuals to be comfortable saying, “It’s okay to be me!

I guide C-Suite Executives, Managers, Organizations and Individuals to first identify their unique talents and then teach them to leverage those talents to create well-being.


Gallup Certified Strengths Finder Coach, Emotional Intelligence Certification, Strengths Champion Certification, DISC Certification

Jana Cardona


Gallup Certified Strengths Finder Coach, Emotional Intelligence Certification, Strengths Champion Certification, DISC Certification


"I've had the privilege of working with Jana recently on video projects and watching her in action. She's a dynamic and engaging speaker and facilitator, and her audience loves her! I've seen firsthand how passionate Jana is about helping people discover their unique strengths and talents while making their companies better. I can highly recommend Jana to lead your team with strengths training."

“Jana created an environment for our team to learn about each other and our strengths on a deeper level. She encouraged us to focus on our strengths and what we all can bring to the table rather than getting down on ourselves about weaknesses. She was flexible through all of the trials that a post COVID world can try to throw at you and didn’t blink an eye once when we had to change plans last minute; a true pleasure to work with."

"We feel like she is a part of our TAG family now. We have felt the incredible effects of her training even months after our team went through a half day course with her. We are greatly looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future!”

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